Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last race

Well there it went the last race before the marathon 18mile friendship run well it was suppose to be 18 it was a little short. I never really liked this race so i didn't begin to care about my time as long as I beat 4:50 I was fine with it. Like a previous race I decided to help some of my teammates out with their goals i helped my friends JB and Michelle since they were both struggling JB was feeling sick because the heat and Michelle didn't think she was running so she ran in someone else shoes which were a size to big a no socks for 9 miles (i advise people not to try that)along the course we passed some teammates walking and I asked if they were okay and the kids were so rude i hate when kids on my team are rude to me but I didn't let me bug me and i kept going and I'll probably never tell them good job again until the can be nicer but anyways JB Michelle and i all finished in the time limit so we were happy with that. when we finished we got our medals and headed to get our shirts and neon shoe laces Nike was giving us for the marathon. I think the course was a little better this year because of Nike having them at the top of the hill before the damn got us pumped and having them at the finish made us all happy and the water stops actually didn't run out of water this year so it was nice but the absolute best thing about running 18miles on Superbowl Sunday is eating whatever you want and I'm proud to say i downed hot wings like no other. i also noticed that I'm never sore anymore i don't know if it's a gift or I don't run hard enough for my legs but I love it!!

For this weekend we have a easy 10miles on Saturday then uniform pick up for the marathon on Sunday and the following weekend is our annual 22mile practice which I'm hopefully ready for.

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